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I have an issue pertaining to internal consistency (Cronbach alpha value) rule of thumbs that posited by many scholars e.g., must at least secure and above. Download Table | Cronbach's Alpha Rule of Thumb from publication: Sustainable Performance Measures for Malaysian Automotive Industry | s: The purpose of.

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By Jutilar - 12:59
Cronbach's alpha, α (or coefficient alpha), developed by Lee Cronbach A rule of thumb for interpreting alpha for dichotomous questions (i.e.
By Akinom - 02:04
In statistics (classical test theory), Cronbach's α {\displaystyle \alpha } \alpha (​alpha) is a name . Some professionals, as a rule of thumb, require a reliability of or higher with as the lowest acceptable threshold (obtained on from.
By Akinoshakar - 11:48
Cronbach's alpha is a convenient test used to estimate the reliability, The general rule of thumb is that a Cronbach's alpha of and above is.

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